The Most Expensive Legal Advice is the Advice Your Business Doesn’t Take

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Legal issues are unavoidable for any business, no matter what the size. But whereas large enterprises have in-house and retained legal teams on tap to deal with the legal aspects of running a business, what about smaller firms?

Even though your business is small, you’ll still be confronted by employment law, health and safety, contract law, tax law and potential disputes with customers or suppliers. You’ll also need a basic legal framework such as company registration, articles of association or a partnership agreement.

Other legal aspects affecting small businesses include property (whether you own or lease your premises), intellectual property, redundancy, advertising standards and many more potential complications that business owners often don’t see coming.

Prevention or Damage Limitation?

The best time to take legal advice is generally before a problem occurs. In other words, choosing to prevent problems rather than damage limitation after the event. Seeking the right advice will ensure you put appropriate business documentation in place and always act in a way that complies with the law.

Sometimes the need for legal support is driven by circumstances you can’t control. What can you do then to resolve issues quickly and avoid doing the wrong thing?

PowellsLaw offers a free initial review for small businesses, during which you’ll understand your legal position and be given options for resolving your issue. This may or may not involve litigation.


Sometimes what you need most is reassurance. So you know that actions you plan to take comply with the law and your legal obligations. If you’re uncertain about any aspect of company law, believe you have a claim, or are threatened with action by an individual or organisation, reassurance starts with a simple phone call.

PowellsLaw on 01934 623 501 or email helpforyourbusiness@powellslaw.com.

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