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If you have been a part of a redundancy process within your company, our experienced lawyers are able to advise you on the options that are available to you and your employer, and help you receive what you are rightly entitled to for your efforts.

Handling a redundancy process properly is essential to avoid large compensation claims. Potential traps for employers are:

  • Using selection criteria which are vague and cannot be objectively measured or which may indirectly discriminate;
  • Failing to comply with the key procedural stages of the process;
  • Trying to disguise as a redundancy a dismissal for another reason;
  • Not genuinely considering employees for alternative vacancies.

Further, employers often forget to consider alternatives to redundancy such as flexible working or retraining and redeployment which may save both redundancy and recruitment costs.

To help you get a full understanding of your options please get in contact with one of our expert redundancy solicitors for a free initial no obligation discussion to ensure you get the best outcome, at the right cost.

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