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Mediation provides a private, safe place where a separating couple can meet with a trained mediator.

Mediators help the couple to focus on the issues that need decisions –  they are not biased and do not judge. Once realistic and practical arrangements are agreed a document is drawn up summarising the proposals which can then be encompassed in a legally binding document.

Mediation is voluntary. However,  before making any application to the Court relating to any family dispute about children or the financial aspects of a separation the applicant must attend a meeting with a mediator to consider whether or not family mediation would be a more appropriate alternative to Court proceedings This meeting is called a MIAM (mediation information and advice meeting).

Mediation is usually a less expensive option than Court action.

We now offer mediation appointments. Our in house, qualified mediator Sian Hopkin has been a mediator since 1994 and her experience and training enables her to handle the sensitive emotional issues surrounding family disputes as well as specific legal issues.

We can offer an initial meeting (either on your own or together) for just £40 + VAT, to consider whether mediation is appropriate for your circumstances. This cost will be taken against the cost of mediation if instructed. If mediation is not appropriate at that stage then we will provide the appropriate form to accompany your application to the Court for a further fee of £50 + VAT.

To book your initial meeting or for further information please contact Sian Hopkin on 01934 623501 or email hopkin@powellslaw.com

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