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Don’t risk your future – Get wise about your wealth

Planning a secure future is an important decision and the risks of getting it wrong can be costly. Our range of services allows you to choose a tailored solution that is right for you, based on your changing needs in later life.

We can help our clients protect their wealth and personal assets for a more secure future, for the duration of their lifetime and that of their dependants in 3 key areas of planning for the future:

PROTECT your capital, which could typically include:

    • Writing of Wills
    • Updating of Wills
    • Creating Trusts
    • Tax Planning
    • Lasting Powers of Attorney

RELEASE your capital, which could typically include:

    • Equity Release

 PASS ON your capital, which could typically include:

    • Deeds of Gift
    • Lifetime Settlements
    • Estates/Affairs administration
    • Deeds of Variation/Disclaimers

With a flexible approach, single point of contact and fixed costs wherever practical, it could not be easier to ensure that you keep what is rightfully yours.

By structuring our service around the individual requirements of our clients, rather than by specific areas of law, we can provide a more integrated solution, not only covering all the legal aspects, but often in conjunction with other professional advisors, such as Accountants and Financial Advisors to offer a more complete and effective result.

The outcome can very often be improved by being involved with you from the outset, where we have the opportunity to see the whole picture and understand more fully what end result you are hoping for.

As it appears that change seems to be the only constant in life, as part of our Wealth Management service, we can undertake an annual review with you. This is to ensure you still have the right provisions in place in case of any changes  to your personal circumstances and to take into account any  statutory changes  that may have occurred.

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