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Since 1st April 2013 there have been significant changes to Legal Aid which will mean that very few people will qualify for support with legal costs. It is now effectively restricted to individuals who are victims of domestic violence. Other than that, irrespective of your financial position, you will not be able to receive Legal Aid to cover the costs of divorce proceedings, the financial aspects of separation/divorce and most matters concerning children.

To help people manage their legal affairs in a more effective way following the changes, we have developed a series of new, more flexible payment options to make it more affordable and easier to manage your costs.

The first step is our fixed fee appointment, which is provided at the discounted rate of £150 plus VAT. This is to help us understand your situation and to help you get some idea of the best way forward. One of our solicitors will talk to you for up to an hour and then confirm any advice given at the meeting in writing as well as giving you a clear picture of the next steps you should take and the costs of those steps. Remember, there’s no obligation beyond this initial meeting, so if you want to think about things or wait until you are ready then you can do that.

If you are on a budget, but still want the assurance of expert legal advice, then Powells Pay As You Go gives you the opportunity to pay for advice but save money by doing some of the paperwork yourself at a pace you can afford. This way you can protect your interests with effective legal representation to achieve the best outcome, in the most manageable and affordable way. There are no unexpected charges – what you use is what you pay for on the day at the appropriate hourly rate.

If you choose the Powells Pay As You Go service, we can help you with each step in pursuing your case and we will give you clear advice at each stage of the case, to help you achieve what you want.

If you need more support at any time during the process, you can simply and easily change to the full representation service at any time – and keep the same solicitor.

For more information about how we can help tailor our service to your needs, call us on 01934 623501.

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