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Starting your own business is a very exciting time; formalising your business idea and bringing it to market, deciding on what form of business you wish to start up and creating strategies of how you will market your business idea.

There is a lot going on, so it is understandable that cementing basic legal structures may not be high on your priority list. However, starting up any business comes with risk. So ensuring that you have some basic legal structures in place from day one is important.

Why choose to register your business as a Limited Company? There are many advantages to this such as having limited or capped liability for the debts of the business, paying a reduced corporate tax rather than income tax and aids the possibility of selling the business in the future.

When registering a Limited Company. The shareholder agreement, memorandum and articles of association are all important documents to get right from the start – alongside the terms and conditions and employment contracts.

The Limited Company package includes everything you need to establish and register your company including:

  • Shareholder agreement
  • A basic company formation
  • A basic employment contract
  • Standard terms and conditions

If you feel your needs are more complex than this standard package, we would be happy to provide you with a tailored package of documentation and advice, please get in touch to find out more.

To find out more about this Limited Company package please get in contact.

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