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If you are in business as a sole trader, in partnership or own a company and you are looking to acquire or merge with another business, our expert commercial team can offer a free initial no obligation discussion, giving you clear direction on how to proceed to ensure you get the best deal and protect you interests.

We have seen that better outcomes are achieved when one of our experienced solicitors are brought in at an early stage, before costly mistakes are made, so get in contact today for a no obligation discussion.

Below you will find some background information on the legal facts surrounding this area of the law, to help you get an idea of your options.

Legal Facts…

  • A business acquisition involves the buyer acquiring the assets that make up the business. The contract is made between the buyer and the owner of the business, who may be an individual, a partnership or a company. The business is purchased as a going concern together with all its assets, including goodwill.
  • A share acquisition is where the buyer acquires shares in the company that own the business. The contract is made between the buyer and the owner of the shares. In such a transaction the shares in the company are transferred; there is no change in ownership of the business – the business remains in the ownership of the company.
  • Mergers are sometimes called amalgamations and are a type of company reorganisation involving two or more companies transferring their businesses and assets to one of their members or to a new company set up for the purpose.
  • Many legal and taxation issues arise from acquisitions and mergers and professional advice is essential. 

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