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A leaseholder owns the lease to their home but the freeholder is the legal owner of the land on which the building is situated so the rights and delegations of each need to be clearly understood.

Our expert team deals with all areas of leasehold property law right from the very beginning when a lease is granted, through to when the lease ends, as well as how the lease is managed in between. Due to the complex nature and formats of the law surrounding property leases it is important that you are advised by an expert lease solicitor to protect your interests.

We know how important it is to make sure your requirements, as our client, are understood, that communication is easy and clear and that we are flexible in organising how we work to meet your needs. To us, being friendly and supportive is as important as being accurate and reliable. Our commitment to quality client service is why we are one of the leading firms in North Somerset and continue to be trusted leasehold property solicitors for local and national clients.

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