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People are different and what suits one individual may not necessarily suit another. At PowellsLaw we offer a variety of costing arrangements so that you can manage your affairs in the most effective way.

Court Matters

Matters which may or do involve court proceedings are known by solicitors as “contentious” and include Family, Civil Disputes & Litigation, Employment and Licensing. In such cases you can choose how you want to manage your case, in terms of representation and costs:-

1. Full representation

Engage us to manage every aspect of your case, representing you throughout. This full representation service means that we take the strain and deal with everything for you. We will be on the court record as the solicitors acting for you. You will be charged for the time spent on your case at the charging rate relevant to the individual case in hand and the level of experience of the person representing you; or

2. Pay as you go

You can pay as you go for only those elements of the case that you do not, or cannot do yourself to the required standard. You “act in person” – you are the first point of contact and the one in control of your case. We provide flexible support when you really need us, so there are no unexpected charges. What you use is what you pay for on the day at the appropriate hourly rate. If you need more support at any time during the process, you can simply and easily change to the full representation service – and keep the same solicitor.

Non Court Matters

Matters which do not involve court are known by solicitors as “non contentious” and include Wills, Tax & Trusts, Houses & Flats, Jointly Owned Property, Company & Business, Consumer Credit & Finance Leasing, Commercial Property, Agricultural Property, Stamp Duty & VAT, Planning Applications & Appeals, Mortgages & Other Security and Conditional Contracts & Options.

In such cases you can also choose how you manage your legal affairs and ask to deal with your matter by way of:

1. Time costing

To deal with every aspect of the transaction for you and to do what is reasonably required to see it to completion. You will be charged for the time spent on your transaction at the charging rate appropriate to the status of the person handling it. We will give you a fee estimate at the outset giving you our best assessment of the likely costs but ultimately the cost will depend on how much time is involved with your case. This method of charging is most appropriate to commercial and property transactions where it is very difficult to predict the exact amount of time which will be involved. It is also used in matters involving the administration of a deceased’s estate;

2. Fixed fee

To carry out a specific and defined task. This might be a stand alone piece of work, for example advice on a bank guarantee or employment contract or it might be a particular element of a larger transaction, for example preparing an application for a grant of probate of a deceased’s estate or providing a lease report or an auction pack review. In these cases we can give you a fixed fee quotation for the specific item;

3. Blended charging

To provide a mixture of the above so, for example you may ask us to prepare an application for the grant of probate of a deceased estate for a fixed fee. You would not then be obliged to instruct us to deal with the administration of the estate but if you wanted us to do this as well we could do so on a time charge basis or agree another fixed fee. The choice would be yours.

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