Here to help: offering fixed fee divorce from £550 or pay as you go –  contact us to find out more.

Let us guide you through the process with a fixed fee so you have certainty of the costs from the outset

If your marriage has broken down our experienced and sensitive Family Law team can help guide you through the process of obtaining a divorce – which is usually quite straightforward, particularly if the couple both agree that the marriage is over.

We offer a complete Fixed Fee divorce package from £550 so you are aware of the costs up front and can plan ahead. To arrange your reduced rate initial appointment please request a call back using the form above or get in contact today.

To ensure you get the outcome you need with a divorce solicitor, at the cost that’s right for you, we offer a range of payment options, one of them being pay as you go. Full details are on our Powells Pay As You Go – Help with Family Matters page.

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