Affairs Administration

Contact us for a free initial, no obligation discussion to assess your needs and the best way forward.

If you are thinking about who will help you to deal with your affairs when they are getting beyond you, our expert Private Client team will be able to offer you advice tailored to your situation, and help prepare you for the appropriate course of action.

To help you get a full understanding of your options, please contact a member of our Private Client team for a free initial no obligation discussion to ensure you get the outcome that’s best for you, at the cost that’s right for you. Please visit our Payment Options page for more details on costs.

When a friend or relative has to move into a care home, the need to arrange funding for fees can make the transition even more worrying. Dependent upon the care needs and financial circumstances of the individual concerned, the Local Authority or local NHS Trust may have an obligation to pay part or all of the care fees. We can offer practical advice about a person’s rights in these circumstances and challenge the decisions of the Local Authority of NHS if they fail to pay for care when they have a duty to do so.

We can assist with financial management and, where you are acting as a representative, can provide detailed advice and guidance as to your status and responsibilities which we will help you to fulfil.

We have access to independent expert advice from Stockbrokers, financial planners and independent financial advisers, coupled with our own experience and expertise.

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