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There are times in our lives when things just don’t seem right and you have the feeling that something should be done if only you had the time, money and confidence to take action against the perpetrator.

A dispute with a landlord or tenant perhaps; business contracts not being upheld; wills not being seen as fair or accurate; unexpected changes to employment situations or just being hard done by someone or a business and losing out financially; all of these situations can be extremely annoying and result in changes which are unacceptable, unfair and usually involve money somewhere along the line.

When these things do occur it is difficult to know what action to take as a first step and the daunting prospect of engaging in litigation puts many of us off as all we see is legal fees, protracted arguments and a lot of wasted time.  The downside to this of course is that the perpetrator gets away with it to repeat the behaviour again and you end up feeling huge resentment with no resolution.

Ask yourself this question. If you could know in advance of starting proceedings that you had a valid claim to uphold, would it make a difference to how you proceed?

If your answer to the above question is yes then a fixed fee solution is exactly what you need so you can have certainty and confidence in your claim without risking a large fee.

At PowellsLaw we have just such a solution which helps lots of people understand where they stand with regards to a legal dispute and find out if it is really worth taking things further.

We call this a fixed fee arrangement and we will agree with you what the fixed fee is prior to engaging with you and explain what the next steps are regarding your dispute.  This way you can manage your finances and not get hit with unexpected legal bills and make an informed decision as to whether you wish to take the matter further.

With PowellsLaw you can get the best outcome at the right cost

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