You’re not alone in a dispute

There are currently more than 5.4 million households privately renting in the UK.  This number is predicted to increase to 7.2 million by 2025 meaning almost one in four households will be renting in the private sector by 2025.

This is especially true for the 20-39 ‘Generation Rent’ age group which is predicted to see more than half privately renting by 2025. With such a vast number of properties being privately rented it is not surprising to learn that the amount of disputes between Landlords and Tenants is also on the rise.

Data released from the Tenant Deposit Scheme Annual Review 2014, shows that cleaning remains the most common cause of disputes, appearing in 53% of all cases; followed by damage in 46% ; redecoration in 29%; arrears in 16% and gardening in 14%. For many parties that become embroiled in a dispute a key concern is the cost involved to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

At PowellsLaw we have developed a new service which provides greater transparency and control as the situation progresses.

Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant currently going through a dispute we can help. We’ll breakdown the claim or defence into the key stages that are likely to occur and provide a fixed cost for planned representation on your behalf for each stage. This makes it clear from the outset what we are aiming to achieve and what the likely cost will be.  The aim is to enable both parties to understand each other’s position and get clarity of the issues which hopefully can then be resolved.

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