Divorce needn’t be expensive with PowellsLaw Pay As You Go

Making the decision to get divorced is a major hurdle.

Like many separating couples, it’s probably taken months – or even years – to reach that difficult conclusion. Whatever the reasons – perhaps you’re different people from when you were married, or are only staying together because you have children – deep down, you know it’s the only option.

But it’s still hard to accept and, naturally, doubts creep in.

Often, the biggest misgivings relate to the perceived cost of separating – and many couples stay together simply because they can’t afford the process involved. That’s become increasingly common since the government withdrew legal aid for divorce cases in 2013 – unless you’re a victim of domestic abuse.

With no financial support available, people may often start to proceed without proper legal advice, which means they risk being unable to protect their interests or fail to achieve a fair settlement.

Or they decide not go through with it at all, which can lead to greater unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the situation and may result in more bitterness, resentment and an unhealthy environment in which to bring up children.

But money should never be a barrier to happiness, or prevent you getting on with your life, which is why PowellsLaw has introduced a new scheme to help people manage the cost of divorce in a more flexible way.

Our Pay As You Go service provides peace of mind for people on a budget. You can call on expert legal advice at every step of the process, but you only pay for the aspects you need – if there’s something you can deal with yourself, there’s no cost attached.

For instance, you may choose to act ‘in person’, which means you (rather than us) are the first point of contact and the one in control of your case. You might also be confident about managing the relevant correspondence and paperwork, which means you save those costs. But all the time you have the comfort of knowing you are able to refer any question to us at any stage of the process.

Be taking this approach you can protect your interests and achieve the best outcome, in the most manageable and affordable way. There are no unexpected charges – what you use is what you pay for on the day at the appropriate hourly rate.

If you’d like to find out more about our divorce assistance, or to book an initial appointment, please get in touch on 01934 623 501 or email helpforyou@powellslaw.com

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