Know Where you Stand – You don’t Have to be Stuck in a Broken Relationship


Many marriages go through difficult spells. Often, these are temporary and driven by circumstances that pass. But sometimes you know you are in a relationship with no future. Staying together will just continue to make everyone unhappy.

Even when couples have tried everything to make things work and can see no future, taking the next step can be daunting. Divorce seems like an expensive and harrowing option. The upheaval, concerns about children, property and the overall cost can leave you feeling stuck in an unhappy relationship with seemingly no way out.

The simplest advice at this stage is to find out exactly where you stand. Rather than assume that divorce will be too difficult or expensive, get the facts about your situation. A family law specialist will explain your options; providing reassurance about the process you need to follow, the likely costs, and what the future may look like.

The PowellsLaw Family Team understands how taking the first step can be difficult and possibly traumatic. But we are here to discuss your situation and options in a sympathetic way – all it takes is a phone call.

While Legal Aid isn’t available for divorce cases unless domestic violence is involved, there are options when it comes to costs.

PowellsLaw offers fixed price and pay as you go options. With pay as you go you take care of much of the routine work while just paying for advice and activities that really need legal expertise. At every stage we help you understand and manage the costs so that you stay in control of costs and the situation. Fixed price options are available for certain aspects and these can be agreed at the outset.

If you’ve come to the point where you can see no future for your relationship, a simple phone call can be the first step to taking control and getting on with the rest of your life.





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