How you can Move Home and Still Sleep Easily

You’ve found the home you want to buy, you have a buyer for your existing home, everyone’s agreed prices. So, what could go wrong?

Actually, quite a bit. There are more than enough pitfalls to keep you awake at night.

I’m sure you’ve heard somebody say ‘never again!’ after a difficult house move. Even with a short chain there are several players involved; and any number of people who could drag the whole process to a standstill.

Some estate agents are more proactive than others at chasing up the progress of a sale. Sometimes, somebody misses an important cost involved (such as Stamp Duty) and suddenly finds they don’t have as much money for a purchase as they thought.

If somebody in the chain is moving out of rented accommodation the timing of everyone’s move may be determined by their rental notice period. This is a frequent cause of unexpected delays.

Without somebody actively chasing, the buying and selling process for property can seem interminable.

And after completion, is that it?

If you don’t choose the right conveyancer your problems may begin when you move in. Simmering disputes with neighbours, restrictions on the use of the property, access rights and consent, unauthorised alterations. These are just some of the issues that you could face, but shouldn’t if the team handling your purchase does their job properly.

Your conveyancer will pick up any issues that would affect your ability to use and enjoy your new home before you exchange contracts.

Conveyancing isn’t just a simple mechanical transaction (even though some websites would have you believe that it is). There are many human factors involved alongside the legal complexities.  Because the process involves so many parties and has so much scope to be delayed (or even to fall through), choosing the right team to work on your behalf is critical if you want to sleep well at night.

The Property team at PowellsLaw brings experience, availability and determination to do the absolute best for our clients. Ultimately this makes the whole home moving process less stressful allowing you to focus on life in your new home.

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