A Local Solicitor or Bulk Online Conveyancer – What’s the Difference?

For a homebuyer, conveyancing is an important process. In simple terms it is the legal process that transfers the ownership of the property from the seller to you. It is important because it protects your legal ownership of the property and flags up any considerations you need to take into account when purchasing the property.

However in the excitement of buying your dream home it is often overlooked and the temptation is to do it as cheaply as possible, instead of as thoroughly as possible, to ensure what, for many is their biggest investment, is properly researched and checked. Whilst it may often be talked about as a simple formality, in reality the process can become quite complicated and it can have a big influence on how the sale proceeds, especially when a chain of sales is involved.

Without a local solicitor, who knows the local agents and has dealt with them many times before, everything can grind to a halt if the person handling the conveyance for you isn’t being proactive, or doesn’t have a good relationship to progress chains. When something out of the ordinary, such as the current covid-19 crisis has a direct impact on the moving process, who you are using for the legal transfer of ownership can have an even bigger impact.

When things get moving again in the market as the lockdown gets lifted, having someone local who can move quickly to help your sale progress can be vital in getting you in to your new home quicker.

Beyond the current disruption, the process of buying a house has risks that need to be properly considered and resolved legally. There are sometimes conditions or covenants attached to the property that could affect how you use or enjoy it. There can also be issues with services (e.g. water and sewerage), boundaries, rights of way, access and planning permission for any alterations.

Such issues call for a keen eye for detail to make certain you are aware of any risks and protected against unforeseen issues. These are sometimes not things that are given sufficient focus with low cost, high volume conveyancers who rely on things being ‘standard’ to make money, when often there is no such thing as a standard sale.

Maybe the biggest difference is that a local solicitor lives or dies by their reputation and standing in their community of local estate agents and advisers. If we didn’t deliver the levels of customer service and value people expect, or local agents would be happy to recommend we wouldn’t have a business. For many remote, online firms, it is a numbers game, not a person’s biggest investment game and that is why using a local business that puts people first is important.

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