It’s Business As Usual – At Least for Our Customers

Like many businesses, we’ve had to make a few adjustments to the way we work in the light of COVID-19. For our customers though, it’s been business as usual. The team has remained fully operational throughout the lockdown and we’ve been looking after the needs of our clients as we always do.

That’s just as well, because the pandemic prompted a spike in the number of people looking for information and guidance in a number of areas.

Wealth Protection

Without dwelling on it, the presence in our midst of a potentially deadly virus makes us think a bit more about our own mortality. Issues such as inheritance, estate planning and asset protection have come sharply into focus. Many people are looking for the help and guidance they knew, deep down, they should already have taken care of.


After a few months of almost total inactivity the property market seems to be picking up rapidly. There’s a lot of pent up demand that had no outlet while estate agents were closed and there were no property viewings – this has started to ease. There were also many stalled transactions that people are now eager to complete.


In the near future we expect to see an increase in various aspects of litigation. The crisis has been highly disruptive for businesses with implications cascading through supply chains. Managing cash continues to be a challenge and some businesses will inevitably find it harder to get paid than usual.

There can be some intricate legal issues when it comes to deciding whether contracts have been frustrated by COVID-19 and whether inability to perform or supply goods and services amounts to a breach of contract. If these issues can’t be resolved through negotiation you will need to take legal advice.


Similarly, there will be insurance issues related to business continuity, event cancellations and insolvency. Taking expert legal advice will put you on a more equal footing with insurance companies who will seek to limit their liabilities.


Sadly, there will also be fallout when it comes to employment disputes and redundancies as the government Job Retention Scheme is scaled back. Sensible employers will take advice before they act.

Whatever help you need, whether it’s related to employment law, contracts, property or personal wealth, PowellsLaw is open and ready to help. Call 01934 623 501 for more information.

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