Take a look at our frequently asked questions below. These questions also feature in a column of the Weston & Somerset Mercury and all information is correct at the time of going to press.

1Leasing of commercial propertiesDownload
2What are my Consumer Rights?Download
3Stamp duty changes for buy-to-letDownload
4Legal assistance for access to my childDownload
5Repair cost responsibility when owning a leasehold property?
6Can I claim against the seller for my lost expenses?Download
7Is a separation agreement required?Download
8What is a Crisscross lease?Download
9Writing a WillDownload
10House purchase insuranceDownload
11Do I need an LPA?Download
12Is Legal Aid still available for Family mattersDownload
13Buying a Property at AuctionDownload
14What is Help to Buy?Download
15Can I make my own Will?Download
16Confused about Freehold and LeaseholdDownload

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