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    Setting up a development involving a number of hones or a site is very complicated and careful thought needs to be given about how the site will work once the homes are built.

    Furthermore, as a developer you need to ensure that the construction of the development does not prejudice any sale and you comply with all legations throughout the build. This covers everything from the initial request for the right to build on the desired land to protecting yourself against injuries on the worksite and the subsequent claims that follow. We are able to help you with all aspects of the construction process and ensure that all actions are undertaken and completed in the correct legal manner.

    It is important to make sure our client’s requirements are understood, that communication is easy and clear and that we are flexible in organising how we work to meet your needs. To us, being friendly and supportive is as important as being accurate and reliable. Our commitment to quality client service is why we are one of the leading firms in North Somerset and continue to be trusted legal advisors for local and national clients.

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