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It is illegal to supply alcohol without the required licences.

These vary depending on where you are selling it and whom to. For clarification on the licences you need our expert team can offer you a free initial no obligation discussion, a great offer giving you a first point of call to a highly experienced solicitor from one of North Somerset’s leading law firms. We have seen that better outcomes are achieved when one of our experienced solicitors are brought in at an early stage, before costly mistakes are made, so get in contact today for a no obligation discussion.

Below you will find some background information on the legalities surrounding this area of the law, to help you get an idea of your options.

Legal Facts…

Premises Licences: Premises wishing to carry out the sale of alcohol or the provision of regulated entertainment need a Premises Licence. A broadly similar regime applies to clubs which must obtain a Club Premises Certificate. One off events can be authorised by a Temporary Events Notice. Premises playing music may also need other licences to play recorded music, to show music DVDs, to publicly screen videos or to play recorded music publicly.

Personal Licences: To sell alcohol under a Premises Licence there must be a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) and the DPS must hold a Personal Licence. Applicants for a Personal Licence must hold a National Certificate for Licence holders and supply a Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly the Criminal Records Bureau) check or equivalent.

See also our Leisure Industry Factsheet (PDF).

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