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Not getting the right licence for your requirements can give you a headache, or at worst shut down your premises.

To get clarity on which licence your establishment requires and for details on how to apply, our expert lawyers can offer you a free initial no obligation discussion, to ensure you are not falling foul of the law inadvertently. We have seen that better outcomes are achieved when one of our experienced solicitors are brought in at an early stage, before costly mistakes are made, so get in contact today for a no obligation discussion.

Below you will find some background information on the legalities surrounding this area of the law, to help you get an idea of your options.

Legal Facts…

  • Clubs fall broadly into two types: The “proprietary club” in which everything belongs to the proprietor, whether an individual or company, and members pay a subscription to use the club; and the “members club” in which everything belongs to the members jointly and subscriptions are paid to a common fund and an elected committee manages the club.
  • There are various types of members clubs such as sports clubs, social clubs, working men’s club and community clubs each with their own constitution. Proprietary clubs require a Premises Licence if they wish to sell alcohol. A members club can obtain either a Premises Licence or more commonly a Club Premises Certificate. A club premises certificate gives the members of the club certain privileges not available to the holder of a Premises Licence.

See also our Leisure Industry Factsheet (PDF).

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